Welcome to jtes.net, the personal website and blog of John Slade (johnteslade).

  • Live in Crystal Palace, London, England
  • Work as a Senior Software Engineer developing mobile security solutions for Samsung Electronics.
  • Experienced in C/C++ and Python.


  • Run video game website SimRacingWorld.com and news aggregator VGtap since 2001. Developed in Perl, MySQL, Python, Django and Google App Engine.
  • Contribute to some open source projects on GitHub -
    • PyCharacterize – Tool for auto generating characterization tests of Python code.
    • Azulejo – Python application for Linux that moves windows using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Vimeo Downloader


  • Organise hack days with friends – Python (Feb 2012), Android (Jun 2012)
  • Attend weekend hackathons – HACKcelerator Fall 2013 in San Francisco, AngelHack London (Apr 2013, Nov 2012), Hackathon London (Jun 2012)


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management, University of Bath
  • MEng Electronic Engineering, University of York


  • Previously was Software Architect designing network security products for Thales e-Security
  • Enjoy playing Golf, Squash, Cycling, Running and Volleyball
  • Have lived in Brighton, Redhill, Cheltenham, Worcester, York
  • Grew up in Brentwood, Essex